Part-time student offered full-time employment on campus

(University of Wollongong first-year management cadet Jake Troncone, 18)

(University of Wollongong first-year management cadet Jake Troncone, 18)

Jake Troncone isn’t like other first-year University of Wollongong students. His distinction from other students isn’t that he turns up to lectures and tutorials looking extremely smart, but more so the reason behind his formal attire.

Jake studies part-time at the university, completing a Bachelor of Communications and Media, and works full-time in administration as a management cadet.

Jake explains how he gains professional experience throughout his degree as ”for the last 3 years I do an exchange program for 6 months, and then do two 18 month placements in strategic marketing.”

Jake benefits greatly from this opportunity, as he is able to study and gain employment experience simultaneously.


Full-time Caffeine Addict

Graduating university with a HD isn’t guaranteed, but graduating as a caffeine addict is highly likely.

The early mornings are when you can observe the students who rely on coffee to get through the day, and understandably so. Walk past Panizzi Café at 10:30am, and you will see a bustle of students ordering large coffees with extra shots to wake themselves up from their two-hour lecture that began at 8:30am.

Grabbing a coffee at university means having the chance to socialise with friends and serves as a form of justified procrastination…whether this is a good or bad thing is still yet to be decided.