Teika Fulfills Her Wanderlust

The desire to travel is something that most individuals, particularly students, have. Teika Paegle, a first-year University of Wollongong student, was privileged to be able to travel to Cambodia and Thailand for 4 weeks at the end of last year.

For months, Teika was looking forward to enjoying a month of relaxation and culture learning as she completed the strenuous HSC. She was fortunate enough to experience being a volunteer at an orphanage, and being exposed to the culture of Southeast Asia.

I sat down with Teika as she described her journey, and explored how her travels have correlated with her current life as a university student.


3 years of university, 3 degree changes

(Stefanie Schultz, 20, Bachelor of Journalism / Arts)

(Stefanie Schultz, 20, Bachelor of Journalism / Arts)

There’s a reason why there’s a bar on campus, and that’s to drink away the stress of university. UOW student Stefanie Schultz feels this stress more than most students, as she enters her third year, already changing degrees three times.

Beginning university in 2012 completing International Studies and Arts, Stefanie began to question whether her passions were embedded in this degree. After deciding they weren’t, she decided to drop international studies.

Now, Stefanie is currently completing a double degree in Journalism and Arts and is optimistic that she will find a sense of direction.

“I just want to be writing and creating and hopefully this degree points me in the right direction.”


Vox Pop 2: What scares you most about life as a university student?

University is pretty scary. All that independence, responsibility, trying to find a car park for a day without having to spend your entire savings…it’s no wonder there’s a bar situated on campus.

As I proposed this question to University of Wollongong students, it was no surprise that I received answers surrounding financial stability (or lack thereof), the workload and future career paths.

In particular, those who stated that they feared what came after university expressed intuitive answers, and really showed just how concerned they were.

Part-time student offered full-time employment on campus

(University of Wollongong first-year management cadet Jake Troncone, 18)

(University of Wollongong first-year management cadet Jake Troncone, 18)

Jake Troncone isn’t like other first-year University of Wollongong students. His distinction from other students isn’t that he turns up to lectures and tutorials looking extremely smart, but more so the reason behind his formal attire.

Jake studies part-time at the university, completing a Bachelor of Communications and Media, and works full-time in administration as a management cadet.

Jake explains how he gains professional experience throughout his degree as ”for the last 3 years I do an exchange program for 6 months, and then do two 18 month placements in strategic marketing.”

Jake benefits greatly from this opportunity, as he is able to study and gain employment experience simultaneously.

Full-time Caffeine Addict

Graduating university with a HD isn’t guaranteed, but graduating as a caffeine addict is highly likely.

The early mornings are when you can observe the students who rely on coffee to get through the day, and understandably so. Walk past Panizzi Café at 10:30am, and you will see a bustle of students ordering large coffees with extra shots to wake themselves up from their two-hour lecture that began at 8:30am.

Grabbing a coffee at university means having the chance to socialise with friends and serves as a form of justified procrastination…whether this is a good or bad thing is still yet to be decided.

The War Zone

(Innocent student gets attacked by savage ducks)

(Innocent student gets attacked by savage ducks)

Exams, parking, readings. The most common stresses of uni, right? Wrong. Try sitting in the serene area beside the duck pond and not getting swarmed by territorial and savage ducks.

As I, the gentleman in this photograph, and possibly 90% of the student body can tell you, this is the most difficult task. Forget getting a HD in your law exam…avoid getting swarmed by these ducks, and you’re the real winner.

Shame and humiliation are felt as this human of strength and virility is exited by what outsiders would see as innocent, playful and friendly ducks.

You think avoiding this unfortunate predicament is simple? Think again.

Vox Pop 1: If you could change one thing in the world what would it be and why?

Nelson Mandela once expressed “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Amidst an ever-expanding world, societies experience countless hardships that they wish they could change. Every individual holds passionate views to societal matters that they wish could be eliminated.

As I posed this question to University of Wollongong students, I received insightful answers and opinions on a range of issues. Students expressed their concern to colossal issues such as poverty and discrimination, and passionately discussed why they would change the issue they chose.