3 years of university, 3 degree changes

(Stefanie Schultz, 20, Bachelor of Journalism / Arts)

(Stefanie Schultz, 20, Bachelor of Journalism / Arts)

There’s a reason why there’s a bar on campus, and that’s to drink away the stress of university. UOW student Stefanie Schultz feels this stress more than most students, as she enters her third year, already changing degrees three times.

Beginning university in 2012 completing International Studies and Arts, Stefanie began to question whether her passions were embedded in this degree. After deciding they weren’t, she decided to drop international studies.

Now, Stefanie is currently completing a double degree in Journalism and Arts and is optimistic that she will find a sense of direction.

“I just want to be writing and creating and hopefully this degree points me in the right direction.”



Part-time student offered full-time employment on campus

(University of Wollongong first-year management cadet Jake Troncone, 18)

(University of Wollongong first-year management cadet Jake Troncone, 18)

Jake Troncone isn’t like other first-year University of Wollongong students. His distinction from other students isn’t that he turns up to lectures and tutorials looking extremely smart, but more so the reason behind his formal attire.

Jake studies part-time at the university, completing a Bachelor of Communications and Media, and works full-time in administration as a management cadet.

Jake explains how he gains professional experience throughout his degree as ”for the last 3 years I do an exchange program for 6 months, and then do two 18 month placements in strategic marketing.”

Jake benefits greatly from this opportunity, as he is able to study and gain employment experience simultaneously.

Passionate Advocate for a Contemporary Issue

(Jamie Reynolds, 21, Bachelor of Communications & Media majoring in Journalism)

(Jamie Reynolds, 21, Bachelor of Communications & Media majoring in Journalism)

Feminism is a global matter with innumerable activists, and University of Wollongong student Jamie Reynolds is no exception. UOW’s Feminist Society (FEMSOC) provides weekly one-hour  presentations surrounding feminist issues, raising awareness and support.

When asked about the reason behind her involvement, Jamie answered; “Coming into university I didn’t know much about feminism, but both my room-mates are feminists so I felt it would be a great thing to be involved in.”

 After attending various presentations, Jamie highlights the importance of the issue to her. “I believe it’s still extremely relevant in todays society, and I love going there to learn more about it…it’s important to me.”